Why Compound Nutrients?

At Compound Nutrients, we bring decades of experience working to revolutionize the way Nutraceuticals are used in medical practice. In doing so, we've created the most streamlined, technologically advanced mass customization model available.

Here are a few of the things that set us apart.


Compounded Nutrients is giving you the ability to fully express your clinical opinion by creating a way to order a custom formula with fast lead time and low quantities. This gives you complete control over what you prescribe to your patients.


Our Nutraceuticals make it much easier for patients to maintain their regimens, thanks to the consolidation of protocols, which eliminates formula overlap and allows for lower capsule/serving amounts for patients to achieve a meaningful dose.


What we offer at Compounded Nutrients is far more than simply offering a private label product. We make it so you’re able to build your own formula and your own brand. That means you get to have true exclusivity, which protects you from online discounting of the same formula for less elsewhere. It also allows you to control retail pricing so you aren’t subject to shrinking margins. And you will experience higher reorder rates since your patients can’t find your formulas anywhere else.


Compounded Nutrients helps to simplify and clean up your inventory by consolidating several bottles worth of formulas for a particular condition into one custom formula.


While mass produced companies will do a run that may last them months or even years (so you never know how long your bottle has been on a shelf), we make it within 5 days of receiving the product each and every time, ensuring absolute freshness and potency.


We own our manufacturing facility in Central Oregon dedicated to high end Nutraceutical mass customization, so we're able to personally oversee the production process and ensure the highest quality products. We proudly excel in the areas of raw material selection, accuracy testing, manufacturing process, and service levels.

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