How Compounded Nutrients Works

Compounded Nutrients’ mass customization approach uses a flexible computer-aided manufacturing system which combines the low unit cost of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization. Our program promotes a tremendous increase in variety and individualization without a corresponding increase in costs because we don’t hold massive amounts of inventory and we don’t experience expiration issues due to the fact that every product is made to order. We give you access to all of our in house raw materials and we even help you start your formulas by giving you several condition specific formula templates to choose from.

You can customize any formula you wish using your own online formulator. Upon login to your account, please review the short and concise tutorial videos we’ve created teaching you how to formulate by ingredient, condition, and how to order and re-order.

Steps to building your own formula with the Compounded Nutrients Advantage:

Please log into your account today to follow this process and order your own formula.