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Compounded Nutrients Personalize your Patients’ Nutrition
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The Empowerment of Doctors and Healthcare Professionals to truly practice individualized functional medicine through nutrition is at the center of everything we do. That is precisely why we've developed our Nutrient Formulator to be your gateway to patient-individualized Nutraceutical formulas. Design your own formulas to match each patient's unique physiological deficiencies and biological dysfunctions, optimize with therapeutic dosing, enhance patient compliance by managing capsule count, and eliminate formula overlap all to maximize clinical effectiveness. No two patient cases are identical, so it stands to reason that nutritional intervention should not be identical either. Mass production has ruled supreme in the Nutraceutical industry almost forcing Doctors and Healthcare professionals to implement a one size fits all cook book approach to functional medicine. This stops now. At Compounded Nutrients, we are revolutionizing the way Nutraceuticals are used in medical practice with the most streamlined technologically advanced mass customization model available. Beyond personalizing functional medicine, the benefits also include relatively no minimums for contract manufacturing, a freshness factor which minimizes expiration issues since Compounded Nutrients doesn't make it until you order it, and real exclusivity in a so called exclusive Nutraceutical niche that is notorious for failing to protect its channel.