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Compounded Nutrients is the answer for doctors and healthcare professionals looking to design their own high quality custom formulas and order them in manageable quantities. Our unique Mass Customization Manufacturing Model makes it possible to consolidate your protocols into one bottle by cutting down on overlap and pinpointing specific daily dosages. This results in significantly lower serving size requirements for your patients and unique branding opportunities for you.

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Why Compounded Nutrients?

Compounded Nutrients focuses on providing custom formulas to doctors and healthcare professionals in manageable quantities. On top of that, we ensure true exclusivity of your formulas, and a freshness factor which minimizes expiration issues since we don’t make it until you order it.

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How Compounded Nutrients Works.

We offer a mass customization approach that uses a flexible, computer-aided manufacturing system. This provides a “best of both worlds” approach that combines the low unit cost of mass production processes with the flexibility of customization.

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